Star Lords the Battle Over Garrs

New Recruits

Your adventure starts as new recruits for the Leonite Military. You start off at the Fyford Barracks, just outside of the Fyford Stronghold. You are being sent on a mission by Commander Damascus Wolfson to investigate a distrubance by the Icewood Vale. Word is quickly spreading that villagers travelling from Fyford Stronghold to Hiborn are being attacked by goblins however no bodies are being found. Joining you as a new recruit is Delita Leonite son of Rewalt Leonite.

With Inara’s prowess of the wilderness the group of young adventurer’s discover the cave with ease. Upon exploring the cave they discovered a room with some ancient runes. Dispatched some vicious rats. They also created an alliance with Koruvus the leader of a small group of goblins. The group discovered the goblins were attacking people to save their goblin family from certain death by 2 giant ants. With the alliance created with Koruvus and his goblin commanders they managed to defeat the giant ants. The goblins agreed to stop attacking people and live in peach within the cave.


Inara may have found the cave but pannan is the one that butchered all the threats with his bare hands

New Recruits
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